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Unveiling BE NAPOLI: Club’s New Jersey Celebrates Naples’ Vibrant Spirit with Unique Font

All infos about Napoli's new Home Jersey

Models in Napoli Home jersey
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Napoli proudly unveils its new identity with the launch of the home jersey for the 2024/25 season, showcasing a change in typography. Introducing BE NAPOLI, the club’s first-ever custom font, this design perfectly encapsulates the essence of both the brand and the vibrant city it represents.

Naples, a city renowned for its dynamic contrasts and cultural richness, serves as the inspiration behind this unique font. The city’s eclecticism and bubbling melting pot of ideas and styles are beautifully reflected in BE NAPOLI, creating a font that is as dynamic and multifaceted as Naples itself.

To celebrate the jersey launch, Napoli released an evocative video that captures the pride and spirit of ‘being Napoli.’ The video pays tribute to Naples’ intellectual and cultural diversity, portraying a city that is at once innovative and steeped in tradition. Here, superstition and faith intermingle, and emotion contends with reason, showcasing the complex character of Naples.

Described as a natural stage where anything can happen, Naples is a theater of styles and cultures. This rich heritage is what Napoli aims to embody through their new font and jersey, merging the city’s past and present into a single, powerful symbol of identity.

Join us in celebrating Napoli’s new home jersey and the unique, vibrant spirit of Naples it represents.


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