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Thomas Müller Revives 90s Cowboy Core with Adidas Originals

In the lead-up to EURO24, adidas Originals Germany unveils a captivating new production for the Rekive Collection 2.0, drawing inspiration from the vibrant 90s era. This campaign stars none other than the legendary Thomas Müller, embodying both style and charisma.

The brand sought to break the mold and deliver something truly unique and unexpected. The aim was to present the styles in a premium yet playful manner, adding to the excitement of Germany’s most anticipated sports event this year.

Thomas Müller, known for his professionalism and infectious energy, is just perfect collaborator, ensuring the campaign not only stood out but also captured the essence of joy and surprise.

As the countdown to EURO24 continues, adidas Originals invites fans to experience the fusion of 90s nostalgia and modern flair, celebrating both sport and style in a way only Thomas Müller can.

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