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How Brazil’s Soccer Jerseys Are Making Fashionistas Kick Off: Exploring the Allure

We explore the hype around Brazil Football Jersey as a statement item, examining the interaction between brands and the social media frenzy surrounding it.

A man wearing Brazil soccer jersey
Image via Nike

Let’s be real, the Brazilian home kit doesn’t spark much debate or cool-factor on the pitch. We can all agree that the jersey has never been a major topic of conversation in major tournaments like the World Cup or Copa America. Unless we’re talking about the Ronaldinho/Kaka era, when Brazil’s team was the it girl.

I have to admit that the Brazil home jersey is at its best when worn off the pitch as a lifestyle statement. I can’t quite pinpoint who or what started the trend, but the first time I spotted this Asian girl strolling through Alexanderplatz in a bleached oversize denim and a Brazilian jersey, it caught my attention. I said to myself, ‘that is so cool.’ Little did I know, it was already a full-blown trend. How could I have missed it? It’s like showing up to a party wearing a lampshade on your head, completely unaware that it’s a thing.

Fast forward a couple of days later, and outfit recommendations for the season started popping on my “For You” page, particularly vintage ones. I noticed a pattern emerging and became curious about the hype surrounding the Home Kit. Was it the colorway? could be, yellow is a pretty nice color. I began to wonder who or what started this trend.

Influence on Fashion Brands

The Jersey-only style that initially gained traction quickly transformed into a widespread trend as fashion brands hopped on the colors of the federation. They began producing a range of products, from core tees to bikini sets, all featuring these vibrant hues.

One notable example is Subdued, an Italian urban chic fashion brand that has recently released its summer essentials collection. The beautiful pieces draw inspiration from flags and have been well-received by the younger Generation Z demographic. Similarly, the Spanish clothing retailer Bershka has also incorporated this theme into a Tshirt with “Belo Retro Sport Horizonte” inscription. The H&M kids section also spiced things up with the kids only range.

More than Aesthetic, online Uproar

In reviewing several TikTok accounts featuring similar posts on summer fashion trends, I observed a common pattern of people expressing frustration over reducing Brazil to a trend. While some critics accused non-nationals of cultural appropriation

It’s worth noting that when Nigerian jerseys gained global recognition pre/post 2018 World Cup, there was no similar outcry Rather, it was viewed as a source of national pride also more like appreciation.


What is “Bloke Core” ?

The term “Blokecore” has become ubiquitous in football jersey styling discourse. It was coined in 2021 by American Tik-Toker Brandon Huntley as a humorous reference to individuals who dress up as genuine football fans by combining a pair of football shirts with a denim and Sambas. Despite its origin as a joke, the term has gained widespread usage and recognition in the world of football fashion.

Final words

The wearing of football shirts purely for the excitement of it has been a long-standing practice, predating its current mainstream popularity. However, in recent times, this fashion trend has evolved into a more calculated and purposeful approach to dressing. Football shirts are now strategically incorporated into outfits, blending seamlessly with other fashion styles to create unique and expressive looks.

I am totally here for Brazil shirts sitting at the top of the Bloke Core hierarchy and believe we will continue to see more fashion brands capitalize on this.


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