Bartomeu Rules out a Barcelona Move for Neymer in January says ‘Barca Already Planned Their Squad’

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu has ruled out a possible Neymer move to Barcelona  in the January transfer window.

Disclosing this yesterday  in an interview with the club official TV channel, Bartomeu dismissed rumour that Neymar was the club’s main target in the summer saying that signing the PSG man was a bonus to the club as Barcelona already had a planned squad.

Asked whether it was possible for Barcelona to sign Neymar in January, Bartomeu told the club’s official TV channel: “No. Right now, no.”

“Barca had already planned their squad,The opportunity to sign Neymar was one that came up in the market. His signing was an extra; it wasn’t planned,” Bartomeu said.

It will be recalled that the Spanish giant spent most of their time at the recently closed transfer window to negotiate a possible move return move for the Brazilian man to Barca.

However, the two club were unable to reach a reasonable agreement before the closure of the transfer window.

Neymer who became the most expensive player in the world back in 2017 when PSG paid him a whooping sum of 222m (£205m) so that he could buy himself out of his contract at Barcelona, scored 34 league goals in two seasons for the French champions.

Debunking rumour of request by Messi to be reunited with his former team-mate Bertomeu said “Messi didn’t ask me to sign Neymar It was an opportunity in the market because he is a great player, and the board agreed to see what we could do to bring him back.  The dressing room does not have a say on transfers, and they did not veto Griezmann.”

Barcelona has not been in their best form in their 2019/2020 league campaign as the Ernesto Valverde’s  are presently on the number eight spot of the La Liga league table wining only one of three La liga league matches played.


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