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Aguero Forever Echoes: A Timeless Legacy, Always Relevant in the Heart of Football Fans

A deep-dive into your favorite Twitter lingo "Aguero Moments"

Aguero moments

Every December without fail for the past decade, Sergio Aguero’s name has trended on Twitter and for the longest time, I could never understand the reference. 

As the curtain begins to fall and the year draws to a close, people all over the internet start to manifest and hope for their own Aguero moment to come, they refuse to acknowledge the end of year is done until they get to scream out AGUEROOOOOO!

My limited knowledge on football had me hopping on the internet to understand the etymology of it and I stumbled on the video from 2012. 

Playing against Queens Park Rangers, Manchester City needed a win to claim the premier league title; fans of Queens Park Rangers were already starting to celebrate their victory when in the twinkle of an eye, Sergio Aguerio’s goal turned things around and gave Manchester City the goal needed to clinch this title; their first league title since the 1967–68 season. 

This match will go down in history as the most dramatic finale to a Premier League season ever. The victory marked the start of an era of English football dominance for City. Over the next decade, the club secured an additional five Premier League titles. 

The final goal has earned recognition as one of the greatest moments in Premier League history and the iconic cry of “AGUEROOOOOO!” has firmly etched itself into Manchester City folklore.

The name “Aguero” has now become synonymous with last minute wins, and it will always be relevant, even outside of football conversations.


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