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There Are No More Easy Games in The Premiership, Lampard Says as He Speaks on Chelsea’s Hope of Making EPL Top Six Spot

Frank Lampard, Head coach of west London giant Chelsea, have admitted that the blues will have a tough ride in the battle to finish amongst EpL top six teams.

Lampard who pointed to the changing landscape of the English Premier League in terms of the teams to make the top six spot said that most teams are now investing heavily in buying players so it will be difficult to easily predict teams to make the top six spot.

 “A top six you can’t write down because, with the playing field of what we have got now, where teams are investing heavily, you have to respect them. They are well managed, they have good players, and they are competitive. There are no easy games in the Premier League, more than ever.

“We’ve seen it changing before our eyes because I remember last year people talking about Everton and Leicester. And Wolves probably came on their own, competing towards the top six and I think that is the landscape,” Lampard said.

The Frank Lampard led side   have claimed just five points from their opening four league games, sitting 11th in the table ahead of a trip to Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday.

Losing one out of four matches played with an opened-day disaster against Manchester United, the Blues have also earned one3-2 victory against Norwich City, leaving them at the 11th position of the league table.

Wolves, Leicester City and Everton are among the clubs considered challengers to the usual ‘Big Six’ this season and Lampard expects his side to be pushed this season, with fellow usual contenders Manchester United and Tottenham also having struggled early on.


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