Euro2020: Bulgaria Prime Minister Calls for the Removal Of FA President Over Racism Display by Fans at Game Against England

Bulgaria Prime minister Boyko Borissov have ordered the head of Bulgaria’s football association to resign.

The call to resign is coming after a shameful display by Bulgarian fans which almost marred their euro 2020 qualifiers game against England on Monday.

The match, which England won 6-0, was halted twice because of racist behaviour by home fans.

The prime minster who “strongly condemned” the behaviour, which included Nazi salutes and monkey chants,  called his nation “one of the most tolerant countries in the world” but said it is “unacceptable” people there connect with racism and xenophobia.

“I call on Borislav Mihaylov to immediately resign as president of the Bulgarian Football Union,” he said.

“After yesterday’s shameful loss of the Bulgarian National Team and given the bad results of our football, I ordered to end any relationship with BFU, including financial, until the withdrawal of Borislav Mihaylov from the post.”

Already, the British government is writing to Uefa on Tuesday to demand more action.

Downing Street says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has seen the footage and he thinks it is “vile and has no place in football or anywhere else”.

England forward Raheem Sterling tweeted to describe the call for Mihaylov to resign as a “good move”.

The Vasil Levski Stadium was already subject to a partial closure for the match after Bulgaria were sanctioned for racist behaviour.

Before the match, BFU president Mihaylov had complained to Uefa about “unjust branding” after the build-up was overshadowed by fears England’s players could be subjected to abuse.

Mihaylov, a former Reading goalkeeper, played at three World Cups for Bulgaria and is a member of Uefa’s executive committee.

Uefa told BBC Sport any action in response to Monday’s events would have to follow on from a disciplinary committee, which in turn has to wait for a referee’s report.

Anti-discriminatory body Fare has called for Bulgaria to be expelled from the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign.

“We think that after what happened, Uefa has it in their power to kick Bulgaria out of Euro 2020 qualification for sure,” said Fare Eastern Europe development officer Pavel Klymenko.

“There have been too many incidents, too much negligence from the Bulgarian FA. Uefa should make an example of the Bulgarian FA and expel them from the competition.”


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