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British Super League? Celtic and Rangers to Join Reformed Premier League

Another threat of secession?

Rangers and Celtic are reportedly wanted for a British Super League in the wake of the failed European Super League plans.

Barely 24 hours after football fans fought to disband the European Super League, reports emerging from England speculate that Celtic and Rangers are being cajoled to join a reformed English Premier League.  The Sun claim a reform of the Premier League could be on the cards with a British Super League featuring both Old Firm teams. They believe that while the top 6 English Premier League teams led the embarrassing retreat from the European Super League, they still want to see reforms in the English game.

This time around, there may not be such an uproar. The 2 Scottish Premier League clubs will be very interested in better publicity and the English Premier League money, while their domestic rivals would not be so sad to see the 2 behemoth forces of Scottish football gone. It would open the door for them to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

According to The Sun, a club source stated, “We all feel that the Premier League has to be changed and improved. It is time we opened it up to Rangers and Celtic. That would make sense for everyone.”

Manchester United and Liverpool led the Project Big Picture reforms tabled last October, but it was rejected by the majority of Premier League clubs. The project would have disenfranchised the lower clubs and given more power to the top 6 teams. It was viewed as the top 6 setting up a closed shop rather than addressing the inequalities. Now, it seems that plans are back on the table to bring the Scottish giants into the EPL. A move that will be backed by FIFA, UEFA, and even the UK government according to their report.  

The report also states that there are plans to cut the EPL to an 18-team league (expect this to be vehemently rejected by other clubs in the EPL just like the last time) and they also want to start a season top four play-off, similar to that in the Rugby Union and MLS.

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