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The Story of Filip Kostic’s failed transfer to Lazio

Lazio have accused Eintracht Frankfurt of foul play regarding the transfer of wing-back Filip Kostic

Filip Kostic tried to force through a move to Lazio in the last few days of the recently shut transfer window. The Serbian attacker skipped training to achieve this just before Eintracht Frankfurt’s 1-1 draw with Arminia Bielefeld. The stunt did not yield any result as the transfer window shut with him remaining an Eintracht Frankfurt player. Then rumors started to fly about what transpired. The news came out that Frankfurt intentionally gave Lazio a fake email address. The club has come out to deny any intent in blocking the move claiming Lazio made a typographical error while trying to send an official email about the offer. Flimsy excuse.

According to the Sporting Director Markus Krösche, they were willing to accept a second improved offer from Lazio after the first offer of €10m was rejected. Kostic has refused to train with the club anymore, banishing himself from the team in anger. How Kostic and the club intend to move on from this remains to be seen. A few club officials and his teammates have extended an olive branch to him and informed him that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. These comments were posted on the club’s website as a sign of solidarity to the player as several media outlets were already calling for him to be benched for the rest of the season. They are ready to mend fences and reintegrate him back to the team. 

Kostic has two years remaining on his contract with Eintracht Frankfurt. What is to be made of this depends on how willing both the club and the player decide to let this transfer saga be a thing of the past.



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