La Liga’s Youngest Player Ansu Fati Shuns Guinea-Bissau, Portugal as He Pledges International Allegiance to Spain

Barcelona’s 16 years old wonder Ansu Fanti  kid has shunned Guinea-Bissau and Portugal to play for the Spanish Football team, Goal.com reports.

Born in Guineaa-Bissau in 2002, the youngster has been living in Spain since he was six after which he joined Barcelona’s academy, La Masia.

According to reports, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFER) have started to making moves to ensure that the youngster gets Spanish nationality, as he already lived in spain for more than the number of years required to acquire Spanish nationality.

Fanti who came to lime light after a brilliant performance and goal scoring contribution to his side draw against Osasuna, said he feels Spanish and could not wait to put on the shirt and play with his teammates.

He is also eligible to play for Portugal because the European nation colonised Guinea-Bissau, which qualifies him for a Portuguese passport.

The RFER intention is that the paperwork will be completed in time so that Fati can play for Spain at the next under-17’s world cup, which will start at the end of October, Be Soccer reports.



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